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About Me

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I'm Amélie

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  You've worked hard to become the man you are.  Confident.  Worldly.  Respected.  At the end of the day you've earned the luxury of choice in your life, and you will always choose the finest - whether it be the car you drive, the clothes you wear, or the drink you stir in your glass.  The woman you're with will naturally reflect this need: a companion to satisfy discerning tastes.  

Enter, me

A sophisticated traveller and speaker of many languages, I admire a man who knows that a tantalizing touch is only the tip of true indulgence; that there are a thousand and one ways to chase euphoria.  A flirtatious laugh after a naughty joke.  Delicious delicacies in a secret spot.  A classic film, a gallery stroll.  A whispered conversation in a quiet room, or a rapturous performance from Broadway to burlesque.  The simple, smooth sensuality of silk, satin, and cashmere across the skin.  

The appetite to explore is my passion.  To uncover the urges you long to quench and watch your smile swell - maybe a little mischievously - as we fulfill those fantasies together.   

If you're impatient to begin, I'll be waiting.  All you need to do is ask.

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